Kayak/SUP Paddle

Kayak/SUP Paddle

Rent a kayak or a Paddle surf (SUP)

  • On the beach of Cala’n Porter
  • Single or double kayak. Double with an extra seat for a child (triple kayak)
  • No experience required

Renting kayaks includes:

  • Kayak, paddle and live jacket
  • Dry bag

Renting SUP’s includes:

  • Paddleboard
  • Leash
  • Paddle
  • Live jacket
Environment note:
We want to remind everyone to contribute to preserve our flora and fauna. For this reason it’s completely prohibited to enter any cave with the presence of bats, especially the “Marina de les Rates Pinyades cave”, where there is an important breeding population of cave bats (Miniopterus Schreibersii). 
We would like to stress the vulnerability of different species of bats in the island and how the presence of humans in their habitat it’s a threat for them.
From MenorcAventura we want to contribute to the conservation of each one of the species in our natural environment and ensure their safety. 

Book a kayak

Book a SUP Paddle

Note: During the season 2020, due to the implementation of security measures for the COVID-19, we won’t have mask, snorkel and waterproof bag for rent. If you don’t have your own waterproof bag and you need one, we have some for sale. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.