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Get ready for the next European Conferences of Clean Up the Med
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In the Cala en Porter the weekend

One more year MENORCAVENTURA joins the European conferences of CLEAN UP THE MED supporting and collaborating with the Balearic Group of Ornithology and Defense of Nature of the GOB Menorca.

Como ya algunos saben, MenorcAventura has sponsored the coastal section between Cala En Porter and Cales Coves.
To care for and ensure the preservation of the environment on this paradise coast, MenorcAventura invites those two days to all those who want to actively participate with us in cleaning the sea and both coves.
For this, during the weekend there is open on our website a DISCOUNT COUPON with which you can reserve 2 hours of kayaking for FREE, with which you can navigate if at the same time you are collecting objects, garbage, and waste in general that should not be in the sea and that unfortunately we do find and harm our environment so much.

Photographs of the collaborators will be published, we hope there are many of you, as many as lovers of this coastal area that offers us so many good times.


Book your kayak at www.menorcaventura.es