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Renting a kayak is the perfect way to explore the coast and nature of Menorca at your own pace and being respectful of this privileged environment that surrounds us. At MenorcAventura we offer open and touring self-emptying kayaks for multi-day routes. We have single, double, triple and family kayaks for two adults and two small children. They are of high quality, and are equipped with everything you need to enjoy a safe and comfortable experience at sea. Our kayaks are stable and easy to handle, ideal for beginners and experts alike. We also offer guided tours so you can discover the most impressive corners of the coast. Come, rent a kayak at MenorcAventura and live an unforgettable experience in the middle of nature!

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Reserve Self-emptying Kayak

Discover the coast of Menorca in one of our self-emptying kayaks. Easy to handle and very stable, they are ideal for all levels. Book now and live a unique experience in nature!

Reserve Kayak touring

Do you want to explore the coast of Menorca in a more adventurous way? Reserve one of our touring kayaks now and discover the most spectacular corners of the island! With greater cargo capacity and a more aerodynamic design, our touring kayaks will allow you to cover longer distances and discover more remote places. Don’t wait any longer and book your touring kayak adventure with MenorcAventura now!





Drums / waterproof bags

Other data of interest

We want to remind the people who rent kayaks and/or paddle surf with us the importance of collaborating in the preservation of the flora and fauna of our precious natural environment, for which reason we inform of the prohibition to enter any of the caves with presence of bats, specifically and especially in the “Cova Marina de les Ratespinyades” which is home to a breeding population of cave bats (Miniopterus schreibersii). The different species of bats are very vulnerable to human disturbance, and from MenorcAventura, we want to contribute to the preservation of each and every one of the species present in our natural environment.


The route of the caves