Route of the Caves
in kayak

Guided kayak tour through the section with the most caves on the island

General information


Departing from the Cala en Porter beached ramp, we offer you a guided kayak tour enjoying impressive views of the cliffs, where you will discover curious and varied geological formations, crystal clear waters and fascinating caves in an incomparable setting.

Respect for nature is encouraged on the kayak. For this reason, we did not enter any of the caves with the presence of bats, specifically and especially in the “Cova Marina de les Rates Pinyades” which is home to a breeding population of cave bats (miniopterus schreibersii). We want to remember that the different species of bats are very vulnerable to human disturbance, and from MenorcAventura we want to contribute to the preservation of each and every one of the species present in our natural environment, for which we will always ensure their protection and care. We complete the activity with a stop at Cales Coves, the largest Talayotic necropolis in Menorca, where there is free time to snorkel, hike or relax in the sun.

  • Of low difficulty, it is not necessary to have experience in kayak.
  • It is essential to know how to swim.
  • The excursion lasts approximately 3 and a half hours. There are stops throughout the route and the pace is adapted to the level of each group.
  • Monitored by a qualified guide.
  • The route is carried out in self-emptying double kayaks. To make the entrance to the caves more agile, it is preferable to navigate in double kayaks. Individual kayaks will be used when the reservation is of an odd number.

It is not necessary to have experience

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It is included in the activity

kayak and paddles


Dry bag and snorkel masks


Photo giveaway with GoPro11

Healthy snack

CHILDREN FREE from 4 to 10 years old accompanied by 2 ADULTS in the same kayak.

CHILDREN with REDUCED RATE from 11 to 17 years old

Other data of interest

It is advisable to wear a swimsuit, nautical shoes to go on the rocks if possible, a synthetic or lycra shirt for sailing, sunglasses and a hat to protect against the sun, “eco” sun cream, water and a towel. We provide you with a waterproof drum or bag where you can take your things on board, although it is better not to come too loaded.

The guides carry GOPRO11 cameras with which they will take pictures of you if you want, and which will then be sent to you and you can download them in original quality from the GOPRO cloud.

We have an osmosis water source at the service of our clients. If you bring your bottle you can fill it before leaving the route. If you do not have a bottle, we have stainless steel bottles.

As for sun cream (for those who still don’t know), it is very important that it be respectful of our environment, and whenever possible, apply it well in advance of bathing, so that it has penetrated the skin and be less harmful to the sea and our appreciated Posidonia.

The excursions are scheduled every day, prior reservation, to be determined according to availability and weather conditions. There are several schedules available morning, afternoon and the special sunrise sunset. The routes for families with young children are preferably at 10:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

And the SUNSET exit is preferably for couples and adults. Likewise, there can always be some exception.

If the weather conditions are not favourable, there is the possibility of changing the place, day or time of departure. You would be informed of this in due course. In the case of changing places, the departure would take place in Cala Molí (north of the island). When making the reservation you agree to the change for the performance of the service, whenever possible. For other cases see Cancellation policy.

We will meet 30 minutes earlier in the basement of the Osprey Hotel.
This hotel is the only hotel located in the same cove, on the beach promenade, 22 Cala En Porter, at the beginning of the free parking area.


Student groups