Paddle Surf rental in Menorca

Wake up your adventurous side and share it with your loved ones

General information

Paddle surf, also known as stand-up paddle (SUP), is a water sport that consists of sliding on a surfboard with the help of a paddle. Unlike traditional surfing, in which the surfer is lying on the board, in stand-up paddle boarding the practitioner stands on the board and uses a paddle to propel himself through the water.

Sailing on a paddle surf board can be the most relaxing and authentic way to advance on the water feeling a host of exciting sensations, while exercising the muscles of the whole body. Also a good way to enjoy the coast and the nature of Menorca in a respectful way.

It is not necessary to have experience

Reserve Paddle Surf / SUP

We rent paddle surf boards in the same cala. It is convenient to reserve it in order to make sure that you will have it on the day and at the time you want. We have individual and double inflatable boards of various types, including a Jumbo so that families or groups of friends can sail together. We will equip you with life jackets, oars, and everything you need to enjoy a safe and comfortable experience at sea.

We also offer guided routes, in the case of paddle surfing, the route is custom designed for private groups with prior reservation. In the case of being interested in a private route, contact us through the PREMIUM service form on the home page of the web.






Other data of interest

If the weather conditions are not favorable, there is the possibility of changing the day or time of departure. You would be informed of this in due course. When making the reservation you agree to the change for the performance of the service, whenever possible. For other cases, see Cancellation Policy.

We will meet 15 minutes beforehand at our mobile unit (red van) located at the beginning of the parking lot of the same beach, in front of Hotel Osprey, paseo de la playa 22 de Cala En Porter for the equipment delivery. If you are running late, we would appreciate it if you could let us know as far in advance as possible.


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