Rent a motor boat in Menorca

Ideal for going from cove to cove in a comfortable and relaxing way.

General information

They are rented by the hour, starting from 4 hours, presenting your ID card or passport, and a deposit of 100 euros upon delivery of the boat. No nautical qualification is necessary.

We have boats for 5 people. All of them come equipped with a canopy, cooler, anchor, waterproof box for personal belongings, and complete safety equipment.

The boats have a length of 4 meters and a beam of 1.8 meters, powered by a 15 hp engine, equipped with a 25-liter fuel tank, and include liability insurance.

How does it work?

Departure every day from Cala En Porter prior reservation. Navigation area preferably Southeast. It is allowed to navigate to the southwest only in case of very good seas and for a minimum period of 8 hours (for any other case our navigation area is southeast).

Before leaving we explain in detail the use of the boat, safety and environmental measures.
Both at the delivery and the collection of the boat there will be a person who helps you.

When leaving and entering the bay and in any beach area, be extremely careful and slow down.

When you return, never enter the canal without that person from our team waiting for you at the jetty and waving to you to let you in. Right there we receive you and help you disembark. If you arrive before, you have to call to let them know.

No nautical qualification is necessary

Boat features

Maximum for 4 people and 300 kg

Length 4 meters

Sleeve 1.8 meters

Top speed 9 knots

Mercury 15hp engines.

Boat rental for 5 people.

For bookings of 4 and 8 hours, the cost is 50€ upfront, with the remaining amount settled during check-in. There are mandatory extras such as fuel, priced at 50€, payable during check-in.



Cooler, snorkel mask, waterproof box for personal belongings.

Safety equipment including life jackets, GPS, anchor.

Insurance and a 25-liter fuel tank.

Other data of interest

In the case of not being able to carry out the reserved activity due to weather conditions beyond the control of both parties, a discount voucher would be generated for the amount paid for the change for the same activity or any other that we offer. In the case of having to cancel it for said reason and not being able to enjoy it later for justified reasons, the service could be reimbursed.

In the event that weather conditions affect the activity once it has started and during the first hour, the client would assume the minimum cost per service, which is 60 euros.

In the case of returning earlier due to weather conditions or force majeure, there is the option of enjoying the difference in hours on another day with better conditions.

The company does not assume any refund in the case of returning at any time for personal reasons.

At an environmental level, it is necessary to highlight the prohibition of anchoring on posidonia, it is totally prohibited. To drop the anchor, you will have to find a wide area of only sand, without rocks and of course without any type of marine plant on the bottom. Take extreme precautions with a safety distance of 3 times the length of the boat with other boats and rocks. The first thing we will do after locating the place of sand and complying with safety distances, will be to put the bow boat to the wind and drop the anchor there. Once the anchor and chain fall to the ground, the rope is taut and we will release as many meters of rope as 3 times the depth of the place. Without turning off the engine, we will look for two reference points and wait for the boat to stay still in place, making sure that the anchor does not drag. It will be time to turn off the engine and be able to jump in for a dip.

The boats have a location system, and there is an assistance boat available to intervene immediately in the navigation area.

Failure to comply with any of the conditions listed above will always be the responsibility of the client and will assume the corresponding consequences. This activity must be to be enjoyed and above all, always prioritizing the safety of crew members on board and of any other person outside the boat.

Following instructions from the Maritime Captaincy Service, customers are informed of the obligation to always comply with the following:

  • The maximum navigation distance will not exceed 5 miles from the starting point, in our case from Cala En Porter along the coast, nor will it go more than 1 mile out to sea.
  • A minimum of 50 meters away from other ships, boats or artifacts that are anchored or moored will be kept during navigation.
  • Except for maritime safety reasons, they may not exceed a speed of 7 knots.
  • It will not be sailed if the wind is higher than F4, the waves are higher than 1 meter or the visibility is less than 6 miles. We ensure that the activity is safe at all times and, in addition to complying with this rule, MenorcAventura reserves the right to postpone or cancel the service for any other reason related to safety, even with better conditions than those described above.


Rental starting from 4 hours.